ThermiRase for a non toxin option

ThermiRase is performed by precisely disabling the nerves which control the muscles associated with unwanted face and neck lines.

With ThermiRase, a series of thermal lesions are created along the nerve pathways which control the muscles.  During the treatment nerves are located, injected with a drop of local anesthesia and have heat applied for about one minute. The effect is immediate.

The treatment is an FDA approved advancement in tissue tightening through nerve ablation. This ThermiRF device targets areas with precision and with safety with less adverse effects or complications than Botox or Dysport. Only local anesthesia is required for most people. This technique is used to treat glabellar frown lines and have lasting results of 18-24 months. For those clients who have been treated with Botox for the same effects, we can offer longer lasting results with a 15-30 minute procedure without any Botox injections. With the accurate targeting of the nerves from both external and internal points there is virtually no worries over “drooping” after the procedure or feeling frozen. People who feel the burden of repetitive treatments that Botox requires and would like a semi permanent wrinkle correction will love the ThermiRase alternative.

Patients desiring non-toxic wrinkle reduction will see immediate results. Motor nerves causing muscle tension are isolated and treated creating a relaxed and natural look. Treatments successfully produce long term muscle relaxation. ThermiRase is proven to have many of the advantages of Botox® or Dysport® without most disadvantages and with results that last up to 2 years*.