Mini Fraxel


What happens as we age?

The treatment process needs to change as we grow older. The same way you change your skincare products as you age ( we can help with this as well), you should change the type of treatments or how a treatment is done for you. This is especially true for the face.

In your teens your main concern is typically acne (and please wear sunscreen). Lines and lack of glow or luster are typically not an issue.

As you enter your 20’s acne might still be a concern, but typically women are beginning to apply more make up to achieve their perfect look and cleansing your face properly should be a concern.

Then in late 20’s to 30’s there are hormone fluctuations and fine lines that appear. Hormone fluctuations from having babies or even just getting older, cause changes in your skin. Your skin’s ability to take care of itself is compromised. This is the ideal time to act!

A mini Fraxel treatment now can give you that beautiful glow. It’s subtle and can be done over lunch. No downtime, no recovery period. Mini Fraxel treatments in your 20’s and 30’s can save you or delay the need for Fraxel treatments or even face lifts in the future. Invest in your skin’s future.

A quick, minimal downtime treatment that can be completed within a “lunch hour”

Complements other treatments, such as injectables and fillers

Visible results, including glowing and softer skin

The Clear + Brilliant laser is the mini Fraxel device. Most people do not even require any numbing topical to get the laser treatment. Once the laser treatment is started it takes only minutes. For the first half hour or so after the treatment you will look like you have a sunburn. This dissipates quickly along with the heat sensation. The first clear + brilliant treatment typically sees the most redness. Subsequent treatments will not cause as much redness. This is an easy treatment to get done over lunch. You would go back to work with “sunkissed” cheeks (so your co-workers will think you ate lunch outside in the sun – you can even cover it with make up if you like). Over the next couple of days you will feel a gritty sensation of the surface of the skin. Others will not be able to see it and you will be able to put make up over it without any difficulty.

Clinical trials show the best results are achieved by getting a series of 6 treatments with each being 7-10 days apart. The changes in your skin will be subtle but beautifying. Many compare it to the “glow” you get in pregnancy. You will feel a better texture and see fine lines disappear. The long term benefits include improving your skin and aiding it in production of collagen. This can delay significantly the need for a more intense Fraxel treatment in the future and even eliminate the need for a face lift later. Good skin care is always the key to having beautiful skin lifelong.

I know you, you want to see before and after pictures. Below are some. The changes are slight when seen in pictures, but the testimonials of people speak volumes. Come for a complementary consultation and learn what this treatment can do for you.

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