Wrinkles are cute on puppies, for the rest of us there is Botox

Botox Neurotoxin to stop and smooth wrinkles

Not all injection experiences are the same. We administer Botox with a light touch. The goal is to lessen wrinkles without a frozen look or heavy feeling. At Refinery we prefer to administer neurotoxins sparingly. We want you to have the perfect look. If you think of the neurotoxins as a set of paint, then all injectors / artists are given the same sets of paint. But the results that each create are very different.

BOTOX® is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in people 18 to 65 years of age for a short period of time (temporary). It works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity that causes moderate to severe lines to form between the brows. Individual results may vary. In the areas where the spread needs to be minimized, Botox may be the best option to concentrate on deeper wrinkling.  See photos of before & afters



Botox entered the market in 1989.

Discover the proven results that 11 million women and men have experienced. With real, noticeable results, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons why BOTOX® Cosmetic has been chosen by millions of women and their doctors. You may feel that the moderate to severe glabellar lines between your brows make you look tired or unapproachable, or have other reasons for being curious about BOTOX® Cosmetic. Review safety information for Botox

Botox effectiveness over time


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Don’t forget men! They come in just as often for their injections. Typically the number of units they need are more, but they want the same kind of results.

The first time you come to Refinery for Botox we are going to listen to what your goals are and give you our opinion. For the injections, we prefer to go light. You can always come back for more to get a stronger result, but we never want anyone leaving with a frozen appearance.


Botox is $14 per unit. The number of units really does vary with the number of times you have been treated before, the amount of area you are covering, if it is a touch up or maintenance. But for general guidelines: bridge of nose, between eyes approx 20 units, crow’s feet approx 24 units total and forehead 20 units (men are different they need more). But this is a very general guideline.  Each person is different and the doctor will take the time to assess your muscle movement, metabolism, and facial features along with your desired result.  This is meant only to give you a rough idea.

The amount of neurotoxin used for wrinkle treatments is minor.  And in comparison to other treatments it is minuscule – a drop in the ocean.  Did you know a typical treatment for migraines uses up to 200 units?  Treatments for under arm sweating (hyperhidrosis) can use up to 150 units per arm.

Men and Botox

Also known as Brotox.  Men have great results with Botox.  They have stronger muscles so they need more units, but the results are great.  Learn more. 


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