Selecting product lines from Refinery is a great way to give your skin quality, medical grade products. You get the expertise of the doctor and RN along with first hand knowledge of how products perform. The important difference between buying products Over-The-Counter verses Cosmeceuticals from a medical facility, is that for something to be sold OTC, it can only affect the dead tissue on the surface of the epidermis (first layer of skin that you see). Cosmeceutical products actually penetrate deep into the skin affecting live tissue down into the dermis (2nd layer of skin). The results are dramatically different than anything you can buy OTC, and it completely changes the overall health of your skin. Some ingredients and strengths found in products are only available in products sold through a doctor’s office. Here at The Spa at Lafayette, Danielle is our resident product expert and Registered Nurse. She only uses product lines she has tested and directly seen good results, backed up by extensive clinical trials proving effectiveness. She is here to give one on one advise for your complete skincare regimen.

Explore NeoCutis and Image Skincare, come in and speak with Danielle and see the results you have always hoped for. These same product lines are used in our facial and skin treatments.