Plan your visit

To get the most from the services offered, it is suggested you have a consultation with Dr. Suji Park Idler. You can meet one on one and discuss your concerns and desires for a better you. A private consultation gives you the peace of mind that any concerns are addressed. Not sure which procedure will give you the results you want? This is the perfect setting to learn about the options available. Creating a new you does not need to be a difficult experience.

When you are ready, an appointment can be made for a variety of procedures that remove fat, sculpt targeted areas of the body, erase lines and wrinkles, and tone skin. Modern advances have made this possible with non-invasive treatments. This means no needles, no cutting, no down time, no tell-tale signs that you have “had work done”. Other procedures are minimally invasive. This means only small injections or insertion points are used. Again you are able to get up and return to your life at the end of the treatment. It is no longer required to have surgeries with risks and long recovery times. A new you is possible with just a little time.