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Feminine Wellness SolutionsMany women suffer from vaginal laxity, dryness and genital irritation following childbirth or as they progress through the stages of menopause. These conditions can range from being slightly annoying to being a major barrier to enjoying a satisfying quality of life, particularly sexually.

Women can now address these problems through the treatment options of Viveve and ThermiVA. These non-surgical painless treatments can rejuvenate the vaginal canal and external tissue, with no side effects or recovery time needed.

The medical treatment options for urinary stress incontinence range from hormone replacement, pelvic floor exercises and finally surgical slings.  With ThermiVa &Viveve, we now have another option with excellent outcomes as described on realself.com

Now there is no need to simply be resolved to living with issues of dryness, lack of libido or painful intercourse, urinary stress incontinence and emotional stress. With ThermiVA and Geneveve treatments women can expect to experience feminine rejuvenation unlike anything they thought would be possible going forward with their lives. Most patients say they feel like a new woman after treatment, many enjoying better sexual satisfaction than ever before.

Feminine wellness issues that arise from aging, menopause and childbirth now have real solutions.

Resolve symptoms of:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Decreased Sensitivity
  • Overactive Bladder.

During a consultation, our US Board Certified doctor, Dr. Suji Park-Idler, will discuss your concerns and explain in full detail the benefits of Viveve or ThermiVa.  Either of these non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatments can address issues with vaginal laxity (feeling too loose), vaginal dryness (perhaps due to menopause), difficulty reaching orgasm, stress induced urinary incontinence, and cosmetic appearance(only ThermiVa).

Issues associated with advancing age and the trauma of childbirth can be treated without surgery, needles, lasers or pain. .  No down time! A real lunch time procedure.

Urinary Incontinence:

Incontinence is one of the hidden secrets that is a much more common problem for women than most people even know.

Incontinence can occur following traditional vaginal births in women ages 20-40 who are not affected by reduced estrogen levels, but naturally after pregnancy (postpartum), and after menopause (even induced menopause) your estrogen production levels can drop off. This can also happen after treatment for cancer or trauma or even due to genetic and other aging-related factors. When this happens, tissue regeneration of muscular structure is halted, resulting in the bladder and the urinary tract becoming deficient, leading to incontinence. Simply put, the core of the problem is a slowed down collagen production cycle.

When your body is not producing enough new hyaluronic acid, your system’s natural collagen production cycle is disrupted, and when new collagen production drops off vaginal atrophy can take hold. One of the most common symptoms of vaginal atrophy is urinary incontinence. Stress incontinence typically occurs when your bladder leaks urine during physical activity or exertion, which means that it could happen at any inconvenient moment, such as when you cough, when you lift something heavy, stand, laugh, change positions or even just when you are exercising. The role of the muscles around the opening of your bladder is to control urine flow by squeezing the passageway to prevent urine from leaking through the urethra. When those muscles that power your ability to involuntarily control your urine flow get weak or do not work, urine can then pass through when even just the slightest pressure or stress is placed on your bladder. For many women, stress incontinence is a source of stress itself. This provides the best treatment against urinary incontinence by getting at the underlying cause of the problem.

Painful Intercourse:

Quality of life can be tied to quality of sex life.

Lack of moisture in the vaginal wall can be caused by a deficiency of new collagen growth, which is needed by the tissues to stimulate adequate moisture in the mucosal lining of the vagina. Your quality of life, including the quality of your sex life, may be significantly impacted by vaginal dryness. If you suffer from atrophic vaginitis, also known as extreme vaginal dryness or dry vagina, then you may experience symptoms of dryness and perhaps even uncomfortable or painful sex. Symptoms of vaginal dryness frequently are attributable in menopausal women to an estrogen deficiency, which leads to a shortage of new collagen growth in the vaginal lining. Vaginal dryness can happen following those profound changes that occur to your body during the course of your pregnancy or menopause, when restoring moisture becomes challenging, it can inhibit intimacy, in addition to causing discomfort, pain, and irritation, particularly when combined with other symptoms. No matter whether it occurs during menopause, postpartum or as a result of a side effect from other medications, vaginal dryness unnecessarily inhibits your sex life and your overall quality of life.

Decreased Sensitivity:

Collagen isn’t just about the face, it’s about feeling.

The loss of vaginal collagen can lead to diminished sexual sensation, laxity and more. Just like skin, vaginal tissue is made up of collagen fibers. During vaginal childbirth or sexual activity, these tissues can overstretch, damaging the collagen and creating a feeling of looseness, especially around the vaginal opening.

Women who experience this loss of tightness may also notice a decreased feeling of sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. These changes can affect a woman’s over all sexual health, her relationship, her confidence and her self-love.

How can Vaginal Rejuvenation improve these issues?

Viveve and ThermiVa by Thermigen safely treats the feeling of looseness by using radiofrequency (RF) technology to tighten the tissues around the vaginal opening. Unlike surgical vaginal reconstruction procedures, these treatments can tighten vaginal tissue without incisions or tissue ablations.

The Viveve Treatment is not cosmetic, instead, it works at the cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen and as a result can increase feelings of vaginal tightness and improve sexual satisfaction. The treatment can be completed in 30 minutes, is performed without anesthesia, and results in little-to-no downtime.

The ThermiVa Treatment includes a cosmetic component to treat the external area, aiding in appearance.  ThermiVa is typically a series of 3 treatments. Improvements can be seen immediately after even just one treatment. The treatment can be completed in 45 minutes, is performed without anesthesia, and results in little-to-no downtime.

Disclaimer: Results may vary according to individual.

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